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Treat germs mean, keep things clean!

Treat germs mean, keep things clean!

At this time of year, it feels like there are germs lurking around every corner, and it’s down to us as parents to protect our families by keeping things as clean as we possibly can.

As a busy parent, it’s easy to focus on looking after the little ones and to forget about looking after yourself – especially when you’re at work or out and about. And let’s face it, if the parents are unwell, the whole family suffers.

As we all know, washing our hands (and our children’s sticky paws) thoroughly is a must-do, as is coughing into a tissue or your elbow. But what else can you do to help keep yourself and your family bacteria-free?


Keep door handles and surfaces clean

Bacteria and germs love nothing more than lying in wait on door handles and phones, ready to ambush the next person that touches them. Using spray bottles of cleansing solutions or anti-bacterial wipes can help to keep the numbers of bacteria down and keep the home, offices and workplaces clean.

As an alcohol-free option which is safe for use on skin, why not try our AQUAINT sanitising water, a revolutionary 100% natural cleansing water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. Safe to use on baby’s hands and skin, AQUAINT is perfect for use in the home or when out and about with your little ones on family travels.  You can read more about it here.


Cleaning everyday items like your mobile phone and money 

It seems at the moment that everything we come into contact with could put us in harm’s way.  Keeping everyday items such as office teaspoons, money, make-up brushes, your mobile phone, remote controls, computer mouse, the kids pencil cases, keys and your glasses as clean as possible will help protect you and your family.

It can be a challenge cleaning these, but have you heard of UV sterilisation?

UV sterilisation is…

  • effective – dentists, beauticians, hospitals and laboratories have been using it for years to clean equipment
  • efficient – it uses low watt power
  • safe – there’s less risk of burns from hot water or a steam steriliser
  • versatile – dry UV sterilisation can be used to sterilise everyday items including clothing, metal and electronics (basically anything apart from latex and rubber)
  • environmentally friendly – no chemicals are needed so they don’t wash into our waterways
  • easy to clean – you won’t need to descale the steriliser

The NURTURE advanced pro UV steriliser & dryer is an ideal addition to any office space, home kitchen or work environment.  It’s effective and easy to use and can be used to dry-disinfect almost anything.  It uses the latest ultraviolet LED technology to safely kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Find out more.


Keep kids’ drinking bottles clean on the go 

The microwave can help.

When little ones were under 12 months, we were advised to sterilise feeding equipment and soothers to keep them safe.  When your child brings their water bottle home from nursery or school, it can be laden with bugs just waiting to bite, so now some parents are starting to sterilise again.

If you still have your microwave steriliser lurking around, then dig it out, and if your kids drinking bottles are microwave safe, pop them in the steriliser every morning before filling them up for school.

If your steriliser is long gone, you could try the NURTURE 2 in 1 combination steriliser, which is perfect for travel, quick and easy to use, and can be stored in the microwave.  Alternatively, try our popular NURTURE microwave sterilising bags, which have been designed to give ultimate convenience while away or for a simple, easy-to-use solution in the home.  Useable up to 30 times, just add water and anything microwave and steam-safe and pop it in the microwave for cleanliness on the go. A great way of keeping office mugs and bowls really clean in the staff room. Remember not to put electronic or metal objects in the microwave (it won’t do them any good!).

We hope you stay safe and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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